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Our Partners are familiar with the appropriate use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation. They work with clients to define their positions before arbitration and/or mediation. Where appropriate, our Partners have represented clients at several tribunals and hearings. Our Senior Partner and Managing Partner aim to ensure the appropriate and effective resolution of commercial disputes. They are skilled in providing informed, practical, and commercial advice on a wide range of dispute resolution issues, from advice on the legal merits of a claim, to developing appropriate settlement approaches, preparation and presentation at trial or appeal should the need arise.

Where appropriate, our Partners have also represented clients in mediations. We are also familiar with settlement meetings, across the full range of ADR procedures.

Our Partners have handled local and cross border disputes, international and maritime arbitrations. We are able to act as counsel and provide various legal opinions in most aspects of arbitration and any such related issues. We are able to undertake complex commercial and investment treaty arbitrations.

As with our litigation practice, our Partners can appear in arbitral disputes involving a wide-range of matters including: Aviation; Banking and Finance; Civil Fraud; Commodities; JV and Shareholder Disputes; Energy & Natural Resources; Insurance and Reinsurance; Mining and Mineral Extraction; Family Law and Maritime disputes.